Success is the ability to adapt to new situations in time.

The higher the VUCA waves, the more challenging the navigation!

VUCA powernavi e

Organizations with a high-trust culture navigate faster, easier, and safer:

  • faster, because trust accelerates the flow of information;
  • easier, because trust facilitates leadership, collaboration and communication;
  • safer, because trust reduces the social VUCA.

In addition, trust – the reciprocal reliance on character and competence – inspires responsibility and performance. However, every organization has untapped trust potentials. powernavi specializes in spotting and activating trust potentials along the OODA-loop of organizations.

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We thereby help organizations navigate faster, easier, and safer – making VUCA wave-riding joyful!

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Let's take your organization to the next level of trust!

Marco S. Maffei, lic. oec. HSG, founder | CEO, powernavi ecosystems of trust

Marco S. Maffei
lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO

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That's why organizations work with powernavi:

  • New mindset
    «Trust ensures that we not only create free space, but that this space is also recognized and actively used.»
  • Silo busting
    «Since we actively promote trust among the management, it is much easier to break out of the old silo mentality and tackle new challenges.»
  • Acting in the interests of the holding company
    «The strengthened trust between Group and divisional management significantly simplifies our strategic orientation.»
  • Attractiveness as an employer
    «Despite the dry labor market, top employees apply for jobs with us. The positive culture of trust enhances our image.»
  • Healthy performance culture
    «Trust is the fuel that unlocks interpersonal barriers and increases performance.»