Success is the ability to adapt to new situations in time.

The higher the VUCA waves, the more challenging the navigation!

VUCA powernavi ecosystems of trust

Unfortunately, there is no panacea for this; each organization must find and go its own way. Those who fail to do so will get left behind. Powerful navigation is the key, culture the engine, trust the fuel.

Organizations with a high-trust culture navigate faster, easier, and safer:

  • faster, because trust accelerates the flow of information;
  • easier, because trust facilitates leadership, collaboration and communication;
  • safer, because trust reduces the social VUCA.

In addition, trust – the reciprocal reliance on character and competence – inspires responsibility and performance, making VUCA wave-riding joyful.

powernavi specializes in spotting and activating trust potentials along the OODA-loop of organizations.

OODA powernavi ecosystems of trust

This makes it much easier for you to anticipate trends early on and proactively drive change.

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Let’s enjoy riding the VUCA waves!

Marco S. Maffei, lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO

Marco S. Maffei
lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO

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That's why organizations work with powernavi:

  • New mindset
    «Trust ensures that we not only create free space, but that this space is also recognized and actively used.»
  • Silo busting
    «Since we actively promote trust among the management, it is much easier to break out of the old silo mentality and tackle new challenges.»
  • Acting in the interests of the holding company
    «The strengthened trust between Group and divisional management significantly simplifies our strategic orientation.»
  • Attractiveness as an employer
    «Despite the dry labor market, top employees apply for jobs with us. The positive culture of trust enhances our image.»
  • Healthy performance culture
    «Trust is the fuel that unlocks interpersonal barriers and increases performance.»