Taking your organization to the next level of trust

powernavi's recipe for success is the design of trust-based leadership, collaboration and communication. This includes consulting for organizations as well as coaching for executives and training for teams.

Based on our experience since 2012, we offer solutions that take organizations to the next level of trust.

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Every organization has untapped trust potentials. However, we must first identify and measure what we want to change. Unless you do, efforts fizzle out like words in the wind. The TRUST-SCAN offers you the possibility to discover trust potentials in your organization. This gives you control over where and when you want to activate these trust potentials.


You want to take your organization to the next level of trust because you know it will help you achieve more. You have some ideas, but only limited time. In addition, you are questioning where to start and which steps will bring the most. Then the TRUST-ROADMAP workshop meets your needs. Here you and your team will find out which your biggest trust levers are and how you can activate them quickly and sustainably. Your benefit: The team is already on board and well informed. Free speed ahead for shared building trust!


Building, expanding or restoring trust requires coordination and steering appropriate to the situation. In hectic times, the eligible personnel are yet often otherwise engaged. This results in overload, time delay or half-hearted execution. To prevent this, we support you by the TRUST-DASHBOARD and TRUST-STEERING. You benefit from this relief and can thus focus on your core business.


Trust is only as good as it is lived. Unfortunately, we rarely exploit the potentials of trust sufficiently. To ensure that building, expanding or restoring trust do not lose momentum, we provide a safe learning environment for your leaders and teams. The modules TRUST-BASED LEADERSHIP, TRUST-BASED COLLABORATION and TRUST-BASED COMMUNICATION are designed to set new trends in building, expanding or restoring trust.

Benefits of trust

  • increased cohesion
  • facilitated leadership and collaboration
  • accelerated flow of information
  • more joy, courage and inspiration
  • reduced social VUCA
  • diminished fear of change, loss and responsibility

Due to the investment in trust-based leadership, collaboration, and communication, you will navigate easier, faster, and safer, making VUCA wave-riding delightful.

powernavi ecosystems of trust

The necessary knowledge already exists in every organization, albeit often decentralized and implicit. We help to dissolve blind spots, to paint the big picture and to draw the right conclusions, plain-spoken.

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Our solutions are customized, compatible, and complementary:

  • customized: modified to meet the need;
  • compatible: congruent with the running system;
  • complementary: interactively value-enhancing.

We seek eye contact and seal contracts with a handshake.

Marco S Maffei, lic. oec. HSG, founder | CEO, powernavi ecosystems of trust

Marco S. Maffei
lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO
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Marco was born in 1977. He studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), esp.: Leadership, Change Management, HR Management, Public Management, Business Ethics, and Military Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), esp.: Security Policy, International Organizations, Strategy, Tactics, Didactics and Communication.

Subsequently, he practiced seven years of leadership at the Special Operations Forces of the Swiss Armed Forces as a commander, coach and trainer. Nowadays, he does military service in the rank of a colonel.

Since 2012, he is an entrepreneur and executive consultant. His fields of activity are development of trust-based leadership, collaboration and communication in organizations (corporations, administration units, education facilities, foundations, associations) as well as staff training and leadership coaching of individual people.