What about trust?

First of all, let me ask you: Whom would you trust to work with? Would you recommend me to rely on you? How would you describe a trusted person? If you asked me, I would answer: Someone who ensures a safe space, understands you, does not judge you, is experienced in a wide range of business issues, personal and professional, is a hard but fair sparring partner, provides honest and helpful feedback and treats sensitive information strictly confidential.

Trust can be established, extended, and restored. Anyway, it requires both, skills of trusting and of being trusted.

It's therefore a matter of reciprocity between human beings: Trust does not grow due to one-sided information, but due to authentic social interaction.


Character & Competence

So are we ready? We can't get rich without taking risks. Let's participate and reciprocate! Sincere and authentic relationships are more important than the current issue.
As «the reciprocally experienced reliance on character and competence», trust enables a culture of vital dialoque, feedback and learning: the basic precondition for growth and self-regulation in complex systems.

But which character traits and competences are needed to establish a culture of trust in the VUCA world? The chart below shows the essential ones.

Character & Competence

Character Traits

1. esteeming: to acknowledge oneself and others
2. open-minded: to be ready for a first
3. sincere: to express one’s intuition without pretending
4. courageous: to expose oneself to the truth and better solutions
5. inspiring: to create shared visions, values and interests
6. transparent: so that others can understand the context of something
7. faithful: to be loyal to the employer, stakeholders and oneself


1. To create and utilize room for independent shaping and decision making
2. To ensure a safe learning environment
3. To demonstrate and enforce shared values
Communication Skills:
4. To observe, reflect and understand
5. To anticipate, inform and explain
6. To moderate network intelligence
7. To ensure dialogue, reciprocal feedback and follow-up communication

Transform Culture & Drive Sustainable Growth

Therefore, by linking trust to all stakeholders, we help you transform culture and drive sustainable growth as your:

Impact Accelerator:
Most of the knowledge already exists in every organization, though often decentralized. We help to paint the big picture and draw the right conclusions.

Committed Supporter:
We offer tailor-made solutions that do not cause new problems. We help to dissolve blind spots and errors in reasoning, plain-spoken.

Complementary Contributor:
We are experts in corporate culture, leadership and team excellence. We act within our circle of competence to establish, extend, and restore trust.

Trusted Sparring Partner:
As required, we offer solutions together with cooperation partners. We seek eye contact and seal contracts with a handshake. We walk the talk.

Marco S. Maffei
lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO
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Marco S. Maffei, lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO powernavi ecosystems of trust

Marco was born in 1977. He studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), esp.: Leadership, HR-Managment, Public Management, Business Ethics, and Military Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), esp.: Security Policy, International Organizations, Tactics, Didactics and Communication.

Subsequently, he practiced seven years of leadership at the Special Operations Forces of the Swiss Armed Forces as a commander, coach and trainer.

Since 2012, he is an entrepreneur and executive consultant. His fields of activity are: development of trust-based leadership and collaboration in organizations (corporations, administration units, education facilities, foundations, associations) as well as staff training and leadership coaching of individual people.