For organizations where human beings are the center of gravity, powernavi activates trust to transform culture and drive long-term growth. Unlike the rest, we accomplish our missions in a safe space beyond comfort zones.


Trust Culture

Establishing, extending, and restoring trust between you and your key stakeholders

Usually a 2-year project setting

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Trusted Leader

Developing your skills of trusting and being trusted

Typically a 10-session program

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Trusted Staff

Enhancing your staff's cohesion, engagement, alignment, and learning

Generally 2-day workshops

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Business Environment

Fast changing climate of uncertainty and high stress levels

The today's business environment is fast moving. Digitalization, automatization, globalization and networking trigger complex problems, exponential change and information overload. Hence we not only have to deal with uncertainty and pressure, but also with new threats and opportunities. A smart strategy and its execution remain one of the biggest challenges facing leadership.


powernavi: Linking trust to strategy and execution teams

The key to professional succes is trust. Without it, neither cultural change nor execution premium are possible. For competitive advantage, we need to link trust to strategy and execution teams. That's what powernavi provides. In brief summary this means:

  • Identifying interpersonal issues
  • Boosting trust enablers
  • Dissolving trust blockers

Marco S. Maffei, Founder & CEO

Marco S. Maffei, lic. oec. HSG, Founder & CEO
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Transform culture & drive long-term growth

By linking trust to strategy and execution teams, we help you transform culture and drive long-term growth as your:

  • Impact accelerator: Most of the knowledge already exists in every organization, though often decentralized. We help to paint the big picture and draw the right conclusions.
  • Committed supporter: We offer tailor-made solutions that do not cause new problems. We help to dissolve blind spots and errors in reasoning, plain-spoken.
  • Complementary contributor: We are experts in corporate culture, leadership and team excellence. We act within our circle of competence to establish, extend, and restore trust.
  • Trusted sparring partner: As required, we offer solutions together with cooperation partners. We seek eye contact and seal contracts with a handshake. We walk the talk.

Ready to find out more?

Curious about powernavi? Feel free to contact us. We'd be glad to ask you the right questions to provide the required results. Hopefully, our dialogue will act as a springboard for sustainable success. We look forward to meeting and working with you, in English or German!